Minggu, 04 Mei 2014

I am in A Phase

I am in a phase
Where i want to wake up early in the morning
Because I know today I have a chance to see you
Eventhough only for some hours
But it is a really great feeling
To see you smile
To hear your voice

I am in a phase
Where my heart feels sad everytime we need to separate after seeing each other
Send you home
And again ride my motor and back to a house where there is no you

I am in a phase
Where I feel afraid to go to bed in the night
Because I know that I will not see you lie on it

I am in a phase
Where I want to do many things I like
And being with someone I love
To spend the rest of ny life with
No more part time
But a full time relationship Which I can go home and cook nice foods
Take a shower and try look good
For someone who I wait to come home after work hard all day
To give that man a warm kisses and a gentle hug
To have dinner together
And chat and laugh
And then enter our room and remove every distance
Get so close to each other in the same bed
All night
And no need to worried to say good night,
...without looking at.

I am in that phase...